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Blustery weather & high tea

A long, cool spring and very windy for the last week. Rainy for weeks prior to the last couple days. I adore, worship, revere and venerate these gusty days, when the dark grey clouds scud across the sky, and the trees toss their limbs, and I feel like the entire earth is respiring. The wind is truly an ally of mine – I feel so filled up by it, so replete and contented. We’ve had numerous thunderstorms, morning, noon and night. Yesterday, for a brief respite, it was warmer and sunny. But we're back to cold & rainy today.

I’ve been walking back and forth to West Hall three and four times per day, to assist in the move of Anthropology from the Literature, Science and the Arts building to there. (Awk.) Sometimes I read while I walk, sometimes I just enjoy the beauty of the campus in the spring: redbuds and dogwoods are in their glory now, the buckeyes are just starting, and the fragrant viburnums are already finished.

My boxes from Shar are moved into the driveway, trellis attached, filled up with dirt, and already I have planted carrots and leeks. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night: I plan to plant my tomatoes and hot peppers, beans, zucchini, beets, etc. I set up the cages for growing the potatoes in mulch. I’m excited about that experiment. The raspberries from Pine Tree Garden Seeds arrived and they are in the ground alongside the fence that Beth put in with John, our neighbor. The blueberry also arrived, but it has yet to make it into the ground.

I discovered that my cutting celery has in fact germinated outdoors – very surprising. I thought those seed were not viable. I had such poor germination in the basement due to using old seed and compost that was full of moss spores. As a result, I have purple & globe basil, tomatoes, hot peppers, ornamental peppers, a few English daisies and NOT much else!
Instead I bought some herb plants from Whole Foods and I put them in last weekend. My wild strawberries are bursting into growth – I’m so eager to see what they produce, if anything. The “lawn” surrounding the herb garden is churned into mere mud from puppy feet. Beth and I are contemplating putting in cement pavers in a sunburst pattern and putting in creeping thyme between the pavers.

The thyme in between the stones in the path out front looks simply fantastic. It has filled in so nicely. I’m planning to put much of the moss that’s growing in my containers in the basement into the front walk, too. Might as well put it to some use.

Recent studies in Boston have been replete with findings of the immunological benefits of tea. Thank Goddess I'm a tea pig. Just last Sunday, some neighbors and I held a high tea for the benefit of the Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace. Well, "high tea" is probably a slight exaggeration -- it was more like a medium tea. I created a lovely tea menu and coordinated the tea service -- we had about 20 pots, 9 tables and 5 hot brews: Darjeeling, Genmaicha, Mango Ceylon, "Fabulous flowers" (Hibiscus, chamomile, calendula and rose buds) and "Mint Medley" (Spearmint, Peppermint, lemongrass and rosehips). The latter two were created by another volunteer who is a certified herbalist and who did her own blends. She also made a simply orgasmic lavender lemonade.
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