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boneset again

Oh, I'm so excited! My boneset is up -- in other words, it made it through a very tough winter. Also, my black cohosh made it through the winter. That poor plant is in a difficult situation: under a black walnut in a bit of the yard which is alternately flooded and dry as a bone. Not to mention, the three dogs have chosen this area above all others as the favorite place to shit! Poor black cohosh!

So what I wanted to say about dandelions is that I have a lot. They're apparently full of minerals. But ugh, they taste yucky. They were actually intentionally brought to this country because they were early greens which were highly nutritious and had medicinal properties. Susun Weed claims they are excellent for the kidneys, but frankly, who is to know when the kidneys need strengthening.

Hey, somehow I think we've come round to another attractive feature of middle age: incontinence. Another thing nobody warned me about. I guess that's why I have so many dandelions in my yard. OK, off to make a nice dinner salad: Monterey organic baby greens and dandelions...
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