Ruis (wombbat) wrote,

Intentional Community on Yuletide

Last night, we had our Solstice tree decorating and lighting. I planned to have carol singing too, but Ayron and Shar didn’t come and I didn’t feel extroverted enough to sing without them. Poor Ayron is down with a bad flu and we haven’t heard from Shar since tree buying. I think she’s struggling with painful emotions due to the divorce. We totally fucked up her birthday on Dec 2, canceling our regular Monday dinner together at the last moment without realizing it was her birthday – ugh! (We had an emergency rehearsal for Beauté that Jeanne put together that night – I had to attend as the lead singer.) Anyway, I missed having Shar and Ayron.

However, Siân and Jesse, old neighbors Lee and John, and new neighbors Jamie and Kif came, with their kids Darby, Syd, Espen, and Sadie. We all jammed into our living room, drank wine, laughed and chatted, and listened to Stacey play Christmas carols on the flute. The kids had rather a contentious time as it got late – Stacey and Darby ganged up on Espen and humiliated him about his bathroom behavior. Turns out, there’s already some simmering tension between the two littlest. I suspect that it’s a combination of Espen’s competitiveness and Syd's refusal to be dominated.

We lit the tree with the candles and turned out all the lights, to lots of ooohs and ahhhhs. We really have the sweetest tree this year. It’s a short-needled spruce with a beautiful shape. With all our red and green glass ornaments, white pressed-paper snowflakes, garlands of icicles and the teardrop-shaped glass icicles, it looks magickal indeed. We finally broke down and bought some new white tree lights, too, making the tree look very snowy and handsome.
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