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The Ties that Bind - Ritual Thoughts

Some thoughts about ties, bonds, and cutting them:

1. takes time to construct them
2. they snag on things, tickle, are tight, are painful
3. they are embarrassing, want to hide them, don’t want to explain, want to lie about them. They get revealed by accident, when you don’t mean to do so.
4. it’s hard to cut them off – need tools, they must be in good condition, might have to ask for help to sharpen them
5. you have to “maintain” the ties -- tuck them, adjust them, pull them up, they can expose themselves repeatedly, you have to be committed to keeping them because they often WANT to fall off
6. they shape your choices – what to wear, what to reveal, etc.
7. they can warm up and feel good after you’ve had em on for awhile
8. the tighter they are the better they feel
9. they can be eroticized
10. might have to move them, shift them around, can forget about them, can’t forget about them. They occupy space and time.
11. might want to leave them lying on your altar for a long time, and look at them, before you burn them.
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