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Bits and bites of wonderous worts

I got baskets and baskets of green tomatoes when I broke down the garden about two weeks ago. I LOVE my heirlooms. I grew Brandywines, Rainbows, Wondra Yellow paste tomatoes, and Prudens Purples. I brought in all the green ones and set the basket on the counter. I collected numerous green tomato recipes off the internet.

Life intervened.

I did nothing with the green tomatoes, but instead of rotting, the just quietly ripened in their basket. Since then I've used them in stew, in vegetable soup, in lasagne, in salads. Sometimes things that you've tended and harvested come back to nurture you when you least expect it.

On another note … I also harvested my potatoes at last!!! They were wonderfully productive. I had a jungle of top growth above the cages. I think I wrote that the puppies had dug up the middle potato cage and decimated it. Later on, ridiculously, I found one of the unearthed potatoes reburied in the yard. I gently transplanted it into the cage. I only got 5 potatoes out of that cage, not surprisingly. But out of the other two cages, I got probably 20 lbs, all told, maybe 25 lbs of Russian Fingerlings. I took the tiniest ones and made them into Greek Stew -- a dish very much more than the sum of its parts: potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, feta, lemon juice and parsley.

Haven’t seen ShuNahSii in how long… more than a year. It’s strange to compare my experience leaving the circle with those of Jeanne, Holly, Jessica, and Jaye. Perhaps it is this very process of needing, requiring validation from others for me to claim my own experience that prevents me from letting go. I get the distinct impression that I’ve had this realization before! I hate that!

Feel that I should have concentrated harder on cutting ties in my letting go work – maybe I’ll do that everyday from now til Samhain, ending with a big burning ritual on the holiday. As we’re in a waning moon, that’s good magickal timing. I will write more on what I learn. I could use all different kinds of ties, cords, bindings: stretchy bands, twine, cravats, cotton string, yarn, duct tape, velvet, light ones, strong ones, beautiful ones, pukey looking ones. I’d need 17 bindings to do one per day from now til Samhain. I could string them all over my altar, wear one all day.
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