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Reassessments; resources; reaping; regrets

OK, things are slightly better. My panic is abating for one. Rent will be paid in just a day or two. I've won a bonus at work -- hope it shows up soon. Beth is painting for $$$ and the offers for painting work keep rolling in. Not just from our neighbor, but one of the road contractors, and some other friends, and then some more friends. Now, if her knees and wrists hold out til her unemployment comes in, it'll all be OK.

Thanks to St. Johnswort, not to mention stress-B Vitamin water. And, about that Boneset. Heh. I think it's alive. First the dogs trampled it; it struggled back to life. Then the dogs ate it; it sprouted elsewhere. Then I accidentally beheaded the plant while weeding; I tucked the severed stem under the soil, hoping that it would root. Well, that segment is still green, if terribly limp. It's been about 2 weeks and it's *still* green.

I have dug up an escaped comfrey for Hallie's mom, Marietta.

I have decided that the quince must go. A supposed ornamental, it blooms just once for a short time in April. After that, enormous growth ensues, thorny ebullient growth of an unattractive kind. Which entails getting mightily scratched up to inhibit with pruning shears. So of course, I want to replace it with another rampant grower: (what else?) elderberry. Another word for elderberry is Ruis. Naturally, I should have one as She is my guardian plant and witch name. She is a native plant, will provide mucho wildlife shelter and food in my yard, and I can make elderflower water and elderberry wine!

The funny thing is that, this year, in a last gasp attempt to show its usefulness, my quince has put forth about two dozen quinces -- completely unprecedented. In the past, it's never borne more than 5 or 6. Must research some recipes.

Sweet grass is bending down low and starting to turn yellow. Truly an indication that Mabon is near...

One thing I really regret is that the bank not only absconded with my separate account (our "emergency fund") but a large chunk of Sian's too, since Beth was a signer on that account. Ouch. What lame parents we are. I've started to replace the money. Poor girl, I *hate* to add fuel to her worries.

Also, more bad news: our Chestnut jumped off the porch and bit a passer-by yesterday. What a shock. I cried for two hours afterwards, fearing that the police would be arriving. Thankfully, she didn't seem to really hurt the man -- altho he was understandably angry -- and no police came. Chessy now has an appointment with a dog trainer who specializes in aggressive dogs and it doesn't sound like it'll be too terribly expensive. I liked the woman's attitude, not at all blaming.

Sheesh, when it rains, it pours. I can't help wondering if our high level of tension and worry are affecting her.
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