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Some cool recipes & notes

When working with herbs, plants, flowers, it is very important to focus your attention and energy on your intention with gratitude, respect & honor. Your energy is as much a part of the preparation as the oil, leaves and petals.

Red Rose & Cedar Leaf Scrub
- This helps facilitate the thought patterns of spiritual wisdom of your body and the earth.
- This preparation of the infused oil will be part one of two. Sea Salt is added later.

Recipe for Red Rose & Cedar Leaf Infused Oil
4 cups of olive oil
11/4 cups dried rose petals (no greens)
3/4 cup cedar leaf
Add sea salt to make scrub

1. Separate the rose petals and cedar leaves.
2. Use a double boiler or a pot of water and a stainless steel mixing bowl set on top of pot.
3. Add rose petals and cedar leaves.
4. Think about your intention. Sing songs throughout the process. Take turns stirring the oil.
5. Heat for 2-3 hours. Do not let the oil get too hot where it starts to boil.

Uses of Red Roses
- Red color is important
- Ointment reduces inflammation because of her cooling properties
- Honey of roses (roses infused in honey) is used for mucus membranes (sore mouth, etc.)
- Oil for infantile diarrhea, sore gums, sore eyes (use strained and very diluted), fever
- Astringent & antiseptic (can cleanse or stanch bleeding)

Story about Rosita.
Summary: The way Rosita first learned about the
healing properties of roses happened when Rosita was
called to help the oldest woman in the village deliver
another village woman’s baby. After the delivery, the
mother was losing a lot of blood and the crone was
concerned. She had Rosita go pick some roses to make a
wash. The bleeding stopped after a short time. Rosita
wanted to know how it worked. This became one of her
first steps on the journey of becoming a healer.

Uses of Cedar (Thuga Occidentalis)
Ojibwa: Nikomis Gesig (Grandmother Tree)

According to the Niishnaabe, you were stuck in a forest with nothing, cedar (Grandmother tree) and birch (Grandfather tree) can provide you everything you need to survive.

- Poultice of powdered leaves (external use) can be applied for antirheumatic effect
- Foot bath for sore feet
- Branches used in steam bath water for fevers and to aid in women’s healing after childbirth
- Infusion for cramps and irregularity
- Steam inhaled for colds

- Burn to cleanse hands
- Facilitates purification and protection that brings us back into alignment
- Exorcises evil spirits and/or negative energy
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